The NOVAFERT database provides an extensive portrayal of the current state of affairs for several alternative fertiliser products.

The database includes data from 76 value chains derived from six secondary raw materials: treated manure, digestate, sewage sludge, wastewater, bio waste, and biological byproduct.

The categorisation of the database takes following parameters into account:

  1. Technology maturity and readiness level.
  2. Output material (product)
  3. Processing conditions proved the effectiveness of converting crude input material into safe, high-quality fertilising products.
  4. Available CAPEX and OPEX: production costs.
  5. Available legal status (regional/national/EU).

The following primary categories were analysed:

  • thermochemical nutrient recovery
  • P precipitation
  • physical-chemical nitrogen recovery
  • biological nutrient recovery methods such as composting and anaerobic digestion

You can browse all accessible data by scrolling from top to bottom (by products and technologies) or left to right (through all various parameters). You can filter the products, technology, and/or secondary raw materials by using the drop-down menu at the top.

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