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Regional Working Group established in Ireland


Teagasc has established a core regional working group in Ireland which involves members from agricultural advisory, research, farmers, and industry which is meeting on a regular basis to exchange and disseminate information regarding to nutrient recycling on a regular basis and to promote the work of Novafert.

Teagasc core regional working group held two interactive meetings with stakeholders to date which involved a multi-disciplinary audience of thirty plus participants within the agricultural industry in Ireland. The main aim of these workshops was to promote the work of Novafert and to discuss the importance of nutrient recycling for crop production in Ireland.

Participants were invited from a variety of different affiliations across Ireland. All participants involved specialised in the area of crop nutrition and nutrient management planning.

The purpose of the events was to gather participants for an information day regarding alternative fertilising products. The meetings provided valuable information on different types of alternative fertilising products & technologies that can be availed of for a sustainable cropping system and facilitated the interaction with participants by getting their feedback, ideas and opinions on the area of alternative fertilising products from experience working with farmers on the ground from an advisory/agronomist perspective. 

Samples of alternative fertilising products was also on display for attendees to observe and receive information regarding to previous trial work carried out by Teagasc using alternative fertilising products in the past.