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IPS Konzalting on the 58th Croatian & 18th International Symposium on Agriculture


On February 15 of this year, IPS Konzalting participated on the 58th Croatian & 18th International Symposium on Agriculture in Dubrovnik. The Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Zagreb is in charge of organizing the symposium, in partnership with the North East Renewable Energy Research Lab from India and the Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences from Osijek. This already traditional gathering seeks to transfer current knowledge, which results from the scientific and professional work of domestic and foreign experts, to agricultural production in practice. Therefore, in addition to experts from universities and scientific institutions, industry representatives as well as farmers participate in the Symposium. Reducing the adverse impact of agronomy on the environment and the loss of biodiversity is a current priority, so the necessity of establishing cooperation between stakeholders in the agricultural and food system is still highlighted.

The Symposium covers the entire spectrum of research work in agronomy, including circular bioeconomy, soil management, biodiversity conservation, environmental protection and digitalization. Scientists are actively researching methods to increase livestock and crop yields, improve agricultural land productivity, reduce pest-related losses, develop more efficient equipment, and improve overall food quality.

IPS Konzalting participated in the section – Precision agriculture and sustainable production and presented the NOVAFERT project, its goals, expected results and activities that will follow during the next 3 years.