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SOFIE2 – 2nd Summit of the Organic and organo-mineral Fertilisers Industries in Europe

Delayed by Covid, the 2nd SOFIE will centre on how organic and organo-mineral fertiliser products and technologies deliver specific agronomic performance characteristics for farmers’ needs. The event is being co-organised by ESPP, ECOFIEurofema and Fertilizers Europe, with support of the International Fertiliser Society.

SOFIE provides a unique opportunity to meet companies, technology suppliers, regulatory experts and other actors in this fast-developing sector. The new EU Fertilising Products Regulation includes organic and organo-mineral fertilisers, opening the European market, but there are challenges in adapting EU legislation to the specificities of organic fertilisers. 

UGent and Teagasc participated to the event where they had the opportunity to present Novafert scope and expected outcomes in a poster session.



17 - 18 January 2023


Brussels (BE) and online