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Regional Working Group organised in Andalusia


Last May 24th, 2023, a regional event took place in the framework of NOVAFERT project and in collaboration with another Horizon Europe project, P2GreeN, also devoted to the use of secondary raw materials to produce fertilisers, in Velez-Malaga, Axarquia area, within the Andalusian region. This event, that constitutes the first NOVAFERT Regional Working Group (RWG) meeting, was organised by BIOAZUL in collaboration with other regional P2GreeN partners: Trops, the first transnational producers organisation of Andalusia, specialised in the production and marketing of avocado and mango; Cetaqua, a public-private water technology centre with headquarters in four different locations, one of them Andalusia; Axaragua, the water management company of the of the Costa del Sol – Axarquia region; and AgriSmart Data, a company devoted to smart farming.

The event counted with 39 attendees belonging, on the one hand, to the water management and regeneration sector, and, on the other hand, to the agronomic sector. During this event, they have been able to provide relevant information at regional level on the main challenges and needs they face.

The information gathered will be useful to perform the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threatens) analysis on the use of fertilisers produced using wastewater and sewage sludge as secondary raw materials, and very specially on the use or reclaimed water as alternative fertiliser.

The event counted with several presentations and activities:

  • P2Green project: Transforming urban wastewater and organic solid waste into fertilisers. Miguel Angel Diaz. Project manager, Water resources management (CETAQUA).
  • Lecture: “The future of the subtropical crops in the Axarquia region in a context of climate change.”Iñaki Hormaza. Research Professor of the Subtropical and Mediterranean Fruit Growing Department (CSIC-IHSM “La Mayora”).
  • NOVAFERT Project: Development of innovative procedures and sustainable guidelines to promote the use of alternative fertilisers. Pilar Zapata. Senior manager of R+D+i projects (BIOAZUL S.L.).
  • Interactive activities with stakeholders (1): identification of challenges, needs and benefits.
  • Interactive activities with stakeholders (2): classification by relevance.
  • Interactive activities with stakeholders (3): “in/out” activity.
  • Interactive activities with stakeholders (4): stakeholders cooperation mapping.

This will be the first of several meetings and collaborative activities of the region that BIOAZUL will organise, when possible also sharing forces with other related projects like P2GreeN and/or BONEX.