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NOVAFERT leads the WG on Sustainability Assessment of the Nutrient Recycling Community


The Working Group (WG) on Sustainability is aimed to enhance and robust the existing knowledge about the environmental impact of the use of recycled derived fertilizers (RDFs) or biobased fertilisers (BBFs) obtained from different waste streams. The current webinar series is oriented towards a more meaningful environmental assessment of bio-based fertilisers (BBFs) through their whole life cycle from production to application, allowing a fair comparison with the mineral counterparts through a consistent and consensual Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). For that, several experts from industry and academia will share their experiences in assessing the BBFs. This will include LCA methodological aspects to overcome and experiences of LCA practitioners at the industry level as well as non-LCA issues such as BFFs efficiencies, field emissions, presence of xenobiotics and other related topics that have a direct influence on LCA.  Moreover, the projects from the community and stakeholders will have the opportunity to present their points of view and approaches to deal with these matters.

The first webinar of this series will address the ‘Life Cycle Assessment: setting methodological priorities for BBF modelling’. It will take place on 21 September from 14:00 to 16:00.

More information on the agenda and the registration link will be provided soon.