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FER-PLAY, the sister project of NOVAFERT


FER-PLAY is working to protect ecosystems, decrease EU dependence on fertiliser imports, and improve resource efficiency through the promotion of alternative fertilisers. The project already mapped and will assess alternative fertilisers made from secondary raw materials and highlight their multiple benefits to foster their wide-scale production and application. Subscribe to their newsletter, in which they share news from the project, including activities, outputs, and events, and learn more about FER-PLAY and the work they will be doing throughout the project in this video.

FER-PLAY open-access database provides a comprehensive overview of 60 alternative fertilisers value chains derived from 7 raw materials. They are categorised by production data, distribution/trade, storage and application, product content, cost, and legislation. Access it here.

FER-PLAY and the German Pro-Bio project jointly organise the event ‘The potential of compost in organic farming’, that will take place on 6 June in Jesewitz, Germany. Ramona Kinder from FER-PLAY partner Naturland association will present the first results of the project and will discuss with farmers about their interests and needs in organic fertilisers. Register before 2 June.